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Lalín is the capital of the region of the Deza, It has a privileged location and geographical centre of communications. One can speak of as kilometer zero of Galicia Lalín.

Tradition: The slaughter of the pig or the traditional mesh are just two of many traditions that are recovering and pushing to turn them into references tourist

Culture: Lalín, as the birthplace of one of the forerunners of the new Galician painting, laxeiro art painter, has a complete network of museums and exhibition spaces

Nature: The Candán saw, the incomparable oak, dozens of streams and rivers.

The river Deza, It passes through the parish of Vilatuxe, It offers one of the most pleasant places to escape from the summer heat. The river beach of Pozo do Boi allows you to take a dip in a completely natural environment, at the time that provides a recreational area where children can enjoy the games while elders rest under the shade of the Oaks are you going to miss these landscapes?

Trade: The commercial variety is the perfect complement to enjoy a stay in Lalín

Gastronomy: Lalín is a good place to eat and, above all, to enjoy eating; It is one of those towns that captivate the traveller for your palate, especially if you test the best stew in the world.

Fairs: The days 3 and 18 of each month, the appointment with the flea market is inescapable in Lalín.

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